What is Pasture Raised Poultry?

Well…thanks for asking!

Pasture Raised Poultry is a method of raising poultry, unlike free range and cage free, that allows the birds constant and continuous foraging for their diet; eating grasses and bugs, and basking in all the sunlight they can take in. Our birds have close and immediate access to as much living pasture or range grass as it desires, each day for as long as it desires to forage. This makes the meat not only taste better and hands down much better for you, but provides a healthier environment for our chickens.

The majority of the problems that occur with industrial poultry come from the environment the industrial chicken is raised - massive confinement houses. These unfortunate birds are forced to inhale high concentrations of ammonia their entire lives with no access to fresh air. They are not allowed to search for their food, are confined with thousands of other birds, and are forced to breath in the dust particles from their own waste (Yikes!). Thus, these birds are often fed a diet of medicated feed full of antibiotics and hormones to keep them from getting sick and to help them put on weight quickly. It is this confinement method that is the direct cause in the increase of disease in chickens and turkeys not only from bird to bird, but also from bird to human.

Pastured Poultry are raised in the pasture as the title would suggest. All of our chickens are raised with two things in mind – fresh grass and sunshine. This is done by continuously rotating our open air poultry pens through our pastures on a daily basis, some even twice a day. They receive fresh grass and bugs while being protected from predators both from ground and in the air. Our chickens are fed an all natural diet as close to what is "natural" for them – extremely higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals, with a lower fat content.

Our poultry will be better tasting and better for you, plus you know where it came from! We encourage you to stop by and see our farm. In fact, poultry and all of our animals are treated with respect and humanity.

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