Pastured Pork - Experience the "Pigness" of a Pig

What can we say? Our Pastures are Home to the Happiest Pigs Around.

Raised on green grass and sunshine, there is no mystery why our pork tastes sooo good. Our mixture of Tamworth/Yorkshire pigs have produced some of the most delicious cuts of pork and sausage ever. It might be that our pigs are always on fresh green pasture to absorb as much chlorophyll and sunlight as possible, foraging for goodies, and living the life a pig was meant to live. 

You will notice our pork is very lean compared to cuts you may find at your local grocer.  This is due to the active lifestyle of our pigs, and is devoid of the harmful toxins found in pigs that are confined to small spaces with little opportunity to move around.  Our pork is also free from antibiotics, drugs and hormones.  It may take us longer to bring our stock to butcher weight, but once you experience the "pigness" of a pig, we wouldn't have it any other way.
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